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“Deutsch für den Beruf”, Job Qualification, Job Coaching. We have developed various training strategies to provide migrants with a solid foundation for integration into the German job market. You have the choice between courses with or without on-the-job training.

AKKU Deutsch

AKKU Deutsch supports immigrants in their acculturation process by stabilizing their personal situations, improving their language skills and finding them jobs. This measure is funded by the European Social Fund and the Jobcenters in the region of Hannover.

Monday – Friday | 8:45 am – 12 noon | 20 lessons a week | 12 months

ZTPP – Center for Transcultural Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

ZTPP psychologists reinforce the participants in their acculturation process in accompanying group coachings. As a center with partly in-patient and out-patient treatment, the ZTPP provides help to people with mental illnesses with and without a migration background. Thanks to its bilingual staff and professionally trained interpreters, the ZTPP is able to offer therapy programs in many different languages.

AKKU Deutsch Contents

• Analysis of the personal, family and job situation
• Psycho-educational group coaching
Motivational training
• Help and orientation in career planning 
• Active job interview training

Registration and Advising

During an advising session at the ISK, you will receive a recommendation for your further education. Your personal contact person at the Jobcenter can then fill out the corresponding registration form for you.


AKKU Deutsch

Course 16B004S0
Duration: 15 months
01.12.2016 - 28.02.2018
Monday to Friday 8:45 to 12:00
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This job qualification measure is funded by: