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“Deutsch für den Beruf”, Job Qualification, Job Coaching. We have developed various training strategies to provide migrants with a solid foundation for integration into the German job market. You have the choice between courses with or without on-the-job training.

Future Prospects for Work for Migrants

PERA PLUS is a modular course on a part-time basis for migrants who want to integrate themselves professionally in Germany. In group training and individual coaching, the main focus is placed on personal potential, job orientation and career planning. Job coaching and special counseling are an integral part of PERA PLUS.

PERA PLUS Module System

All the PERA PLUS modules are individually certified and can be combined with one another. Each participant takes part in an individual advising session when the course begins and gets a training recommendation along with an individual module plan. Module III cannot be taken until Module II has been completed successfully. Module IV includes on-the-job training and can only be booked in combination with at least 2 other modules.

Monday – Friday | 8:45 am – 2 pm | 30 hours a week | 8 - 16 weeks per module

PERA PLUS: What it’s all about

• Determination of individual qualification needs
• Job and job-market orientation
• Job-related language training
• Examination preparation
• Acquisition of “Deutsch für den Beruf” language certificate
• Special counseling
• Individual job coaching
• On-the-job training with reflection session

Activation and Referral Voucher (AVGS)

With an AVGS, the Job Center assumes the costs for a certified measure when the participant is jobless. PERA PLUS is recognized and certified according to the AZAV.

Measure number: 237/6870/14


Course 17B116N4
Duration: 16 Weeks
23.10.2017 - 09.02.2018
Monday to Friday 08:45 - 14:00
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This job qualification measure is funded by: