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Our Learner Portal has everything our students need to know about culture and leisure-time activities along with valuable tips and tricks on how to learn more effectively.


The ISK want to secure and continually improve the quality of its teaching. To ensure this quality, we need to be open to innovations, provide our employees with regular advanced and continuing education courses and get continual feedback from our customers. Please help us and take a few minutes to fill out a feedback form for your course.

Thank you!

Your learning success is our business card.

Advising and placement were right for me.
I was able to learn well in your seminar rooms.
I was satisfied with the trainer.
The material used in the lessons was good.
I always felt comfortable in the ISK.
I achieved my learning goals.
I agree
fully partly not so much not at all

Online Form for Complaints, Comments, Suggestions, Praise

We have developed an online form for complaints, comments, suggestions and praise and thanks for our customers that you can use at any time, anonymously or with the request for a personal reply.

Your opinion is important to us.



We always place a special focus on the learner! Our feedback questionnaire is an important instrument to obtain information on the learning success, learning progress and satisfaction of our customers. The questionnaire is available online on the ISK website and is a voluntary, anonymous opportunity for our participants to let us know how they feel. The learning success of our customers is our business card! These statistics show you the evaluation of the feedback we have received over the past 12 months.

918 replies as feedback in the time from 2016-12-01 - 2017-11-30
All the figures displayed are percentages.