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Our Trainer Portal contains all the information you need on the topic of advanced training courses, DaF links and jobs at the ISK.

ISK Advanced Training Courses

We offer a broad range of advanced training courses in didactics and methodology in modern foreign language teaching for trainers in adult education. Whether it’s practical tips in the form of games, exercises or materials that you can use directly in your teaching or basic theoretical knowledge that makes your daily lesson preparation easier – you can look forward to a widely varied offer of topics this year as well. The advanced training courses are geared to practical application and participants’ needs and leave room for the participants to exchange their thoughts and ideas.

We have put together a special advanced training package for career starters. “Basics of Teaching DaF” communicates knowledge on the theory and practical application of modern foreign language teaching in individual training sessions and provides an opportunity for practical application. Experienced DaF trainers support you individually in preparing your lessons and then sit in on your lessons while you are teaching. When agreed, this training can be started at any time.


Tips for other continuing education courses

This is where you will find interesting, important and useful tips on continuing education courses. You can also find information on the service provider, the course and on how to register by clicking the following link.


02.12.2017 Tester Qualifications "German Test for Immigrants" A2-B1
Saturday 10.00 - 18.00
16.12.2017 Tester Qualifications German A1-A2 Refreshment
Saturday 9.30 - 13.30
16.12.2017 Tester Qualifications German B1-B2 Refreshment
Saturday 14.30 - 18.30